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About the Artist

Heidi's Background

Heidi fell in love with clay at 19 years old. She took a class in raku, learned how to hand build, throw, and glaze… and never looked back. It’s been an all-consuming passion that has brought a lifetime of challenges and learning. She loves all aspects of working with clay, drawing on clay, forming clay, and embellishing it with three-dimensional forms.

Heidi earned her M.F.A. from the University of Idaho. She studied the old masters of Japanese and Chinese cultures, learning their methods of throwing, firing, and decorating pieces. That was the beginning of the Samurai series consisting of thrown plates, and vases.

Idaho was an inspiring time. Memories of Lake Pend d’Orielle fill her with peace. She cherishes the scent of snow and blue of the day shifting towards chocolate-colored midnight in Moscow, Idaho. After graduation, she taught at the university then moved to the Seattle area, and has been here for 40 years.

Heidi's art is a practice of transformation, from earth and clay into art: landscapes, pottery, and jewelry.



Inspiration for Heidi Jack comes from the natural world. She draws close to the earth, each season offering unique beauty. Heidi's is a practice of transformation

Heidi began working with precious metals, bronze and silver, years ago. She combines gemstones and unique one-of-a-kind resin work into contemporary wearable art. Form and texture combine in a joyous alchemy.

Heidi works on commission as well as offering Her work for purchase from Her website here.

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